January 27th, 2015

World famous Claudia Marie – Milf or Granny?


I am pretty much positive that most of you are already aware about who Claudia Marie is. That’s right, she is quite a popular woman for some years now. She shoots on a regular basis nice sex scenes where she fucks without exception younger studs, many of them black. Since she features some huge fake boobs and likes to play the naive one, she managed to get a huge fans pool and even some important awards. But although she still calls herself a MILF, I really think her days as MILF are long gone now. She is a fully fledged granny, but still hot and amazingly naughty. She even has her own site where members can watch (for a fee) her newest releases. Even though I am not a member myself, I check on a regular basis the free trailers she’s posting which I must admit there are super cool. But if you want to keep even closer to her, then I suggest following her on twitter: @claudia_marie . That’s also a good start if you feel secure enough to try to invite her for a private encounter. It is known fact that she is available for such requests, but I have no clue about her fees. Aaah, and not to forget…she is also broadcasting sex shows on a regular basis on sites like Streamate.

March 28th, 2013

Another sexy “babushka” from Russia


I definitely have something for Russian babes. I guess that’s already pretty obvious for everybody, since this is the second consecutive woman from this former soviet country that I am featuring on this blog. But I have a very strong reason for this. Many say that sex is an art that needs many years of practice and strong will for one to be able to master it. Maybe that’s why these older women are the unquestionable masters of sex. But let’s face it: it is not an easy task to find a 50+ years gal ready to do nasty things. But, thanks to webcam sites, there is still a chance to get in touch with few such ladies. VenusWetHoles is a webcam performer that looks in great shape, as it is clearly visible even from the above picture. She can be found accessing the following address: www.perfectcam.com/webcam/granny/ …and actually that’s what I recommend you to do, since she loves to offer quality moments to her visitors. Being for a few times in her chat room, I never heard anybody complaining about anything. That’s a good proof that she knows how to treat her fans and she is willing to do almost anything in order to please them. As I was saying, she possesses a great appearance, although I would have love her boobs to be more massive. But even so, she remains a very desirable video chat companion. It’s no need to mention that her sexual practices cover all the possible request. Indeed, her level of perversion is very high. Until I will come up with some more similar nasty grannies, I leave you in the company of VenusWetHoles. Just click on her photo and you will gain direct access to her shows.

December 13th, 2012

Gorgeous and sexy Russian woman


Can you believe your eyes?! The babe you see in the photo is MarinaBlond and she is almost 50 years old! Believe me, I mean it and this is no joke. I don’t know if she discovered the secret of eternal youth, but she definitely looks younger and hot like hell. She is living in Russia and she is an amateur webcam model. Watching such women streaming live mature sex cam shows is one of my hobbies. I find an enormous pleasure in watching them strip, moan and do all kind of sexy things in front of the camera. And there is always something that you can learn from them, since they are older and more seasoned. After some chit-chat with her, I think I discovered her secret: doing sport on a regular basis is keeping her look so young. And probably this is the also the reason for her huge stamina during sexual intercourse. She managed to offer me a very long and exciting performance, with her masturbating hard for about an hour or so. To tell you the truth, at the end, I was more exhausted than her. But I was also very satisfied and happy that I had have the chance to meet her. You better hurry to see what is she up to at this moment!

November 27th, 2012

Squirting hot blonde


We are back today with a new very wild mature babe. Squirtrebecca by her nickname, this 40 yo busty woman is the superlative of mature models. With a killer body and a huge desire to get dirty, she is capable of putting all her passion in the live sex shows she is offering. Considering her stage name, nobody should be surprised to discover that she is able to show some awesome female ejaculations shots. Her big breasts are outstanding, in my opinion having the perfect size and shape. Playing with them after some oil was applied is something you should not miss. Role playing and anal sex are also great with this model. In short, she is a sex queen that will not disappoint you, no matter what you are asking for. If you are ready to meet her, then just visit SexyHotCams website.

November 19th, 2012

Very flexible mature American woman


Howdy, pals! Today the subject of my post is a very sexy American webcam granny that has an interesting feature: she is very flexible. I don’t know her background and if she was a gymnast or something similar, but I was very surprise how much she can stretch, almost like an acrobat. A sexual acrobat, of course! She is 49 years old and she is a veteran performer on the sex chat site perfectcam.com. She loves to suck one of her big dildos and adores to be watched when doing this and other such dirty things. Her body is in great shape, and actually I couldn’t believe that she is not much more younger. It is so exciting to see otherwise a serious woman getting so naughty! She is also into anal and other sexual perversions so you won’t be let down. You are just one click away from HeidiHoe’s chat room! Have fun!

November 14th, 2012

Beautiful and sexy mature woman


Finding such a beautiful and sexy woman aged 45+ could be quite a trick endeavour. That’s the main reason for which I am so excited about NasseTina, this blonde granny which I met last night performing live on sexyhotcams.com website. I don’t have words to describe how beautiful she is, while her body looks in great shape. Not to mention that she is very sweet also, behaving like a pussycat. Her expertise is indeed very rich, and she will not step back even from doing crazy sex things. While she is on webcam, she acts like a filthy pornstar, rather than a classy lady. Maybe that’s why I loved so much spending time with her. If you want to meet this beauty, you just have to click here!

November 12th, 2012

Naughty European granny


Seeing such a serious and mature woman usually exclude any thought about her being naughty. That’s why it is a pleasant surprise when you can discover that such older ladies also can be very sexy and eager to have sex. That was also the case with this woman, called herself BustyLioness. Although she is already 57, she loves to do nasty things in front of the camera. Her expertise is valuable, while her body is quite sexy. Big boobs and nice hair makes her attractive even for young studs. She loves to do role playing, especially those mother-son games. I must admit that she is really good in this! She also has some toys at her disposal, and I am sure she enjoys double penetrations a lot. If you are looking for an interesting experience, then you should certainly visit her free live sex chat room!